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Roseline de Thelin's 'Virtual Live Art Lab' fully booked

Roseline de Thelin's virtual art laboratory that begun on February 11, 2021 is fully booked.

The ART BASED creation course & support group for conscious creators entitled

The Virtual Live Art Laboratory is an online course and platform for experienced or aspiring creators. Artists, designers, coaches, therapists, group leaders and creators from all fields are coming together because they believe the arts have a role to play in their personal and professional life.

We draw from the principles of Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts and Art Based Research to anchor, inspire, refresh and renew our art practice. Artistic expression and the creative process become an experiential laboratory to explore, observe, research and discover, while engaging the imagination and cultivating awareness.

This ART BASED creative process weaves theoretical teaching together with inspirational live interdisciplinary artistic exercises, art assignments, mindfulness tools and group dynamic to support everyone’s creative process.

More information about the transformative course can be found on Roseline'e website -



Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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