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Armando Alemdar Ara is an artist, art historian and co-founder of Neomodernism, a philosophical outlook that espouses spiritual and aesthetic values in art. His work offers a clear vision that mirrors universal aspects of life. The world that Armando presents is as convincing as it is mysterious. Drawing on his Sufi background, Armando has embodied in his art the ancient mystical beliefs of spirituality.

In observing Armando's mystical imagery we discover classic and cultivated artistic palette. Confidently controlling any expressive elements that may arise in the heat of creation, Armando creates a feeling of contemplative intellectual confession. Creating abstract and associative compositions that reflect lyrical and spiritual feelings, Armando relies on his subtle use of colour that makes transparent his optimism; his intimate and at the same time collective thinking. Easily recognisable with the curvy shapes and rich colour sense Armando's pictures effortlessly create a harmony that ennobles everyone's soul. Clear in his concepts, confident in the expression of his idea, but also unimposing in his message, Armando appears as a mature artist whose pictures stand out from the work of other abstract artists, both past and present. His imagery presents harmonious, flowing forms, but also powerful tensions, conflicts and breakthroughs; complexity and simplicity, hope, contrasting improvisations, overlapping shadows and parallel dimensions. The harmony of form and colour created in his pictures often correlates to the harmony in classical music compositions.


In this sense Armando is an established conductor orchestrating a play of relations between colour, depth and composition. The compositions in his work often betray a quest for simplicity of form, for when simplicity of form is achieved, supported by compositional harmony, crowned by geometric serenity, then the artist achieves perfection. In his work Armando always strives towards achieving a balance between the subjective and the objective. If abstract paintings are born out of figurative ones then in Armando's work these two aspects of human duality approach one another in a mutual balance and unity.


Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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