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Ibiza / Amsterdam, ESP, HOL

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Clifton Mahangoe’s oeuvre consists of videos and light installations in which we find a great attention for the stillness of natural phenomena. They are often a succession of intertwined images: running water, reflections, shadow play, something resembling a galaxy. The slow rhythm of the sequences creates a mesmerizing and soothing effect. Of great importance to the artist is the use of the circle the symbol of infinity: the line without beginning nor end.


Clifton Mahangoe has a deep interest in spirituality, energies and the meditative effect of natural phenomena. He has performed meditation sessions at various magical places on earth; in the jungle of Thailand, the caves of Menorca and the magnificent rock island Es Vedra on Ibiza. There, through the prisms in waterfalls and healing light rays, Mahangoe has experienced Prana directly flowing from nature. As Prana merged with the flow of his breath, a path of inner journey was created. Mahangoe grew up in a family of Hindu priests and both the Buddhist and Hindu philosophies are intertwined in his work. Within these philosophies Prana represents all cosmic energy, permeating and connecting the universe and life on all levels.


Clifton Mahangoe’s work was shown amongst others at the Salone in Milan (I), the Bank Hall in San Francisco (US), Jumeirah hotel Dubai (VAE), and gallery Het Cleyne Huys in The Hague (NL).

After the success of the Sphere 3D installation in Westerpark, Amsterdam, Clifton will be organising a World Tour in 2018 taking the project across continents to share the light and wonder with the world. The tour will also include light meditations where people gather in daily meditation, together, on a specific time, with the objective to send light to places where it is needed most.


"On this planet, there are many places where support is more than welcome, for instance places where any form of abundance, freedom or safety are absent. Of course everyone is free to join, interpret and perform this on his own way."

To read more about the Sphere 3D World Tour click here.



Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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