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Ibiza, Spain

For interdisciplinary artist Roseline de Thélin, light is an artistic medium as well as a scientific and philosophical wonder. Finding inspiration in quantum physics, astronomy, philosophy, the play of perceptions and the expansion of consciousness, her work combines a diversity of hands on and digital media.


She is internationally recognized as a light artist for the unique work she developed combining light sculpting and 3D modelling with optic fibres, symbol of the endless possibilities carried by photons.


Her series of “Homos Luminosos”, (Latin for 'man of light') mysterious and ethereal holographic beings made of constellations of light points, question the existence of subtle parallel realities and the future of human kind.


“The Space in Between” are paintings exploring and questioning liminal and intermediary spaces, dream images, spaces of not knowing, a way of being present and transmute sensations, emotions, intuition and visions.

Roseline is also a creative coach and art therapist, passionate on how all modalities of artistic

expression can support the expansion of self, personal healing and life transformation, she facilitates ”Art Retreats” that foster creative investigation, discovery, innovation and self-awareness.

Roseline embodies and shares the potentials of artistic expression to shape and reinvent our self and life. Her Art Retreats integrate visual arts with expressive movements and embodied mindfulness, improvisation and drama therapy, breath work and bio-energetic body work, symbols & archetypes, systemic constellations and trans-personal psychology.

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Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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