Alexander de Cadenet's art offers insights into human creativity and the spiritual dimension. His work is intended as a 'portal' to access a deeper dimension of existence - a connection to the creative energy that is responsible for the creation of all things.


"Since I first started making art as a teenager, it satisfied me at a very deep level. The process of making art brought peace, joy and meaning into my life.


Today, I consider my art to be an expression of the evolving consciousness that is being channeled through my art. Developing a connection to this consciousness as it manifests in one’s being, I believe to be one of the most accessible spiritual practices available to each one of us.

The recent Meditation Paintings series are designed to encourage a focused contemplation or meditative state of mind – ideally without any thought at all.


They are an oasis from the noise of our lives or a portal into a quieter more peaceful world. In the world of form, they can be said to combine elements of a minimalist aesthetic with a touch of expressionism."

London, UK

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Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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