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“I believe that evolving one’s consciousness and developing inner joy, peace and liberation is the main purpose of life.


Making art is a philosophy. It is a way of living in the world that gives meaning and purpose.


The recent Meditation Paintings are inspired by the idea of minimum effort, maximum effect or ‘Seiryoku Zenyo’. In this sense, the paintings take hardly any time at all to make.


They are designed to be the focus of a meditation practice, as an aid to enter into a deeper state – a state of no thought.


It is only be realizing no thought can we truly grasp what thoughts themselves are, so when we return to thought we have greater understanding of the advantages and limitations of our thinking mind. There is no inside without an outside.


Looking deeply into the Meditation Paintings without thought for just 10 seconds, we will be rewarded by the resultant mind space it gives us – solutions to problems, access to an underlying energy of deep peace, inspiration and joy of existence all flow through our being.


Empty the mind of all thought using the simple technique of listening to the sound of your breath in and then out, in…and then out….repeat for as long as you please."


Alexander de Cadenet , Jan 2020

Excerpt from Meditation at the Oasis film (2015):


"When I'm out there taking photos of the desert rocks and encounters, it is a form of meditation. A connection to some form of higher power. Its an intense form of focus and concentration. Its about being completely in the moment, absorbed fully in the activity. In this state of mind one becomes a channel for an energy that is so much vaster than oneself. When I enter into a meditative state, I an also experience art on a different dimension. You get to experience things in the art that may not have been present when you first encountered it. It's as though you have accessed the hidden, secretive dimension of the artwork. A connection to what it was that inspired the artwork's creation."


Alexander de Cadenet 


Artist Adventures

Explorer of a deeper dimension shining through art, nature, people and places.

"Beauty is an outer reflection of your innermost essence"


Eckhart Tolle


Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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