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"I am here In front of you .." A new poem by Maria chi

Naked body, naked soul Nothing to prove, nothing to hide Nothing to explain, nothing at all Transparently and openly looking at you Only one longing to be seen and met The way I am Through the window of your eyes To connect to expand to dive deep Yes yes deep, you smile? Are you open for it? I don’t care which body you’ve chosen for this time, man or woman I am just a reflection of you that’s all I know I don’t need to relate to you only as sexual human Even though I love to dance with you all I want to meet your heart and your soul Your pain, your innocence Your shadows, your tears Your fuck ups and your uniqueness Can’t stand artificiality Small talks and illusion of duality Let’s drop those armours and masks I know it takes courage, I've been there What is this separation anyway? Exists only in our critical minds No need to compete we are perfectly complete We are Love and we are One Can you Feel It ?

María Chi February 2021



Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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