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David C. Greene's 'Music Of The Spheres' Tryptch in full

As David C. Greene's recent show at 29 Palms Art Gallery, 29 Palms, California closes, we present a record of the full triptych below, with an extract from the press release:

The most recent series of Mojave Noir paintings, ‘The Music of the Spheres show a marked evolution in subject matter from David C Greene’s previous Mojave Noirs. Now it’s not just scenes of natural beauty that the artist selects from what he sees around him in the desert of Wonder Valley at night. In these new paintings, all manner of significant personal memories, contemplations, inspirations, synchronicities and peak moments have been incorporated.

Through his paintings, Greene invites you to join him in sharing what he has witnessed and experienced. On one level, the works are a study in the relationship between the artist and the cosmos, an examination of the bridge between the world of form and the world of the ‘un-manifested’. In the night’s sky, luminous shapes and spirit forms float above the desert. On the desert floor, moments of terrestrial drama are being playing out under the yellow campfire glow with varying degrees of surreality.

The sight to behold in Vol 2 of the triptych (referencing the Renaissance triptych reserved for sacred altarpieces), is of the faceless artist, sitting with his back to the viewer gazing upwards awestruck by the magnificence of infinite space. It could be any one of us that represents the universe becoming aware of itself.

On another level this series is also a homage to Greene’s friendship with the artist Jim Beoddy (1951-2015). Greene describes the paintings as an “ongoing joke between me and a dead guy. I’m still getting to the punch line, still telling him jokes.”

These works encourage longer term contemplation beyond their initial appeal; yet they may or may not end up releasing all their secrets; that will depend on who is viewing them. Here is a magnum opus of the artist’s work to date.



Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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