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Light Art Weekend in Berlin

The first Light Art Weekend takes place later this month in the historic basement of Alte Münze in Berlin. Twelve international artists, including, Awakened Artist Clifton Mahangoe, will showcase site-specific and immersive light installations inspired by the Extended Mind theory. The Exhibition runs from November 30 - December 02. "The Light Art Weekend is an annual project organised by ARTE LUCE that aims to combine scientific theories and concepts with international light art at unconventional venues. The first edition in 2018 <Extended Mind> takes its title from the seminal paper published by Andy Clark and David Chalmers in 1998 about the field of extended cognition and externalism. The philosophy stipulates that the mind, the body and the environment can be seen as a whole cognitive system, as such the mind is extended into the world.

Using this theory as an inspiration for the exhibition translates into a focus on interactive and transcendent artworks using light as the main medium, as well as a range of other perceptual cues such as sound and touch."


Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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