We are extremely fortunate and pleased to welcome our 4th Awakened Artist to the collective. Clifton Mahangoe lives and works in Amsterdam and Ibiza creating videos and light installations which reflect the interplay of cosmic energy, permeating and connecting the universe and life on all levels.

His work offers a portal which invites the viewer to enter a mesmerizing and soothing realm where both the power and beauty of natural forces are intertwined to reveal what can be likened to a visual meditation on infinity. A truly leading edge artist shining a light of awakening and expanded consciousness in our time.

At the moment Mahangoe is working on a series of installations in which spiritually rich places of this world play a leading role. In these new works he will show the energy of these unique locations.

Clifton will be organising a World Tour in 2018 taking the project across continents to share the light and wonder with the world. The tour will also include light meditations where people gather in daily meditation, together, on a specific time, with the objective to send light to places where it is needed most.

“As painters use brushes, paint and canvas, Mahangoe uses light and projection as the bearers of his message in order to share his vision of relativity in perception of light, space and time.”

Sphere 3D Installation. Westerpark, Amsterdam

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