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Launching on Tuesday October 3, 2017, Awakened Artist founder Alexander de Cadenet presents for the first time in the UK at St. Stephen Walbrook church a series of bronze and silver sculptures featuring ‘consumables’ that contain deeper spiritual messages. The works include a selection of his ‘Life-Burger’ hamburger sculptures and Creation – a larger scale shiny bronze apple with three bites taken from it – two adult bites and baby bite in between.

Creation, bronze, 55 cm diameter, edition of 9, 2017

Art historian Edward Lucie-Smith has written, “The Life-Burgers offer a sharp critique of the society we live in and yet simultaneously they are luxury objects in their own right”.

L.A. art critic Peter Frank has written, "We're at a moment in modern history where the excess has gotten staggeringly wretched. Oligarchs worldwide shock us and shame themselves with their conspicuous consumption -- a consumption that extends to the rest of us, as consumed no less than as consumers. Alexander de Cadenet encapsulates this emerging neo-feudal order in his gilded and multi-decked burgers. For the meta-rich, the world is their fast food joint, and their appetite insatiable.

L.A. art critic Shana Nys Dambrot has written that the ‘Life-Burgers’ are an “illustration of how the initial appeal of beauty might give way to a darker meaning over time”.

Patrick Howe, author of The Awakening Artist has written, “de Cadenet’s Life-Burgers…conjure a fattening materialism that works like a toxic cholesterol on the spiritual heart”.

Buddha Burger, Bronze gold plated, unique edition, 2015

Trump Burger, solid silver and gold plated, unique edition, 2017

The curator of St. Stephen Walbrook, Father Jonatahn Evens has written about the show on ARTlyst -

The show is open daily from 11am until 4pm at St. Stephen Walbrook, 39 Walbrook, London EC4 8BN from 03 October - 03 November, 2017.


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