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Wonder Valley, CA, USA

    "Wonder Valley is in the eastern part of the Morongo Basin running along the north border of Joshua Tree National Park. Starting at the east slope of Mt San Gorgonio, the basin stretches about 40 miles east to the Cockscomb Mountains. It’s the only mountain basin on the continental U.S. that runs east-west. The site of an ancient sea bed, and skirting the edge of the San Andrea’s Fault , the area has always been considered a locus of natural energy. All the raw forces of nature are at work on a grand scale. Standing in my yard I have a clear view from one end of the basin to the other. All of these paintings are inspired by what I see every night when I take the dog out for his walk." - David C Greene.

    Sparky & Cabin of Forgotten Dreams
    The Distant Neighbour (2017)
    The Ghost of Arshile Gorky.. (2016)
    Someone's Old Cabin (2010)
    Wonder Valley By MoonLight (2010)
    Just Before Moonrise (2016)
    Westbound Traffic (2016)
    The Lightning Storm (2011)
    Black Dog By Moonlight II (2014)
    Blue Moonrise (2016)
    The Ocotillo (2016)
    Wonder Valley Homestead At Moonrise
    Full Moon I
    Sparky Observes the New Moon (2010)
    1 inch Paintings Installation (2016)
    View of Mt Gorgonio #3 (2011)
    Black Dog By MoonLight II (2014)
    On Coming Traffic (2011)


    Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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