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Welcome to our third member of Awakened Artists: ROSELINE DE THÉLIN

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome our newest member of the Awakened Awakened artist group, French interdisciplinary visual artist, creative coach and art therapist, Roseline de Thélin.

As a visual artist Roseline finds inspiration in astronomy, quantum physics, perceptions, subtle reality and the expansion of consciousness. She explores and combines a large diversity of media including optic fibers, mirrors, quartz crystals, perspex, metals, painting, collage, photography & video to create art that reflects her personal inquiry and transformation. Her Homos Luminosos light sculptures have been exhibited internationally and have received wide critical acclaim.

In celebration of her joining Awakened Artists, Roseline will give a talk as part of the upcoming Art Awakening Humanity Conference at St Stephens Wallbrock on October 25th from 2-7pm in Central London.

Her talk in entitled Art: language of the soul

explores her personal experience on how artistic expression offers a space for investigation, discovery,

innovation and self-awareness, a space where human consciousness can see itself. See the events page or click here for more information about attending the conference.


Poem (Krause) - New Mexico Desert Dawn
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